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CFR (Cranial Facial Release/Ballooning Technique)

Bilateral Cranial Nasal Release Technique (CFR-Ballooning) An advanced endo-nasal technique to unlock cranial fixations, improve cerebral spinal fluid pumping to nourish the brain and spinal cord reducing dural sleeve spinal torque by primarily targeting the sphenoid bone with the purpose of facilitating normal cranial function to reduce pain patterns and breathing issues. Helps with facial trauma, uneven bite (bruxism/teeth grinding/TMJ), tinnitus, vertigo, chronic sinusitis. Improves breathing, reduces sleep apnea, improves brain function and endocrine related issues by stimulating the pituitary gland at the sella tursica, and helps recurrent pain patterns resistant to other forms of treatment. 

Craniosacral and Bilateral Endonasal Release are performed by the doctor’s wife who is also a chiropractor and is certified in these techniques. 

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