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SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment to permanently destroy unwanted fat.  This state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology is ideal for patients looking to get rid of stubborn fat they are unable to do on their own through diet or exercise.

The most common areas to treat include: the abdomen, love handles, back, thighs, and under the chin.

The best part? This service is non-invasive, so you can return to your busy schedule right after treatments!


Through a low-level laser, SculpSure selectively raises the temperature of targeted fat cells, thus damaging the cell’s structural integrity. In the coming months, the fat will exit the body through the lymphatic system.

The laser’s specific affinity for fat tissue allows SculpSure to efficiently treat areas of troublesome fat in just 25 minutes without damaging any surrounding tissues. Results are seen in as little as 6 weeks.


Upon completing your initial consultation, you will be greeted by Dr. De Jesus who will seat you in a thoroughly sanitized bed in your own treatment room.

Next, the SculpSure applicators will be placed on the identified problem areas. These applicators can be arranged in numerous ways to target the areas effectively.


The 25-minute procedure cycles through warming and cooling phases, heating the fat just below the skin. Most patients notice a warm tingling sensation.


The SculpSure laser technology process includes:


  • Destroying fat cells by raising the temperature of body fat

  • No damage to surrounding skin

  • Fat cells are naturally absorbed over time


YES! Clinical studies have shown that, on average, there is a 24% reduction in fat.

Results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks, with optimal results showing in just 12 weeks. Most importantly, this process offers permanent results! That means after the fat cells have left the body, they will not come back.


If you have any other concerns, we can address this over the phone or with the Doctor during your complimentary consultation.

Before & after


You work hard to take great care of your body, yet those stubborn fat areas remain. We are here to help you feel your best in the skin you’re in, and are confident that you will love the results of this treatment.

Curious to find out if Sculpsure is right for you?

Why wait? CLICK HERE or give us a call for a complimentary consultation to make sure this is the best next step for you.


  • Is the doctor proficient in manual adjustment (I prefer a strong adjustment)
    Dr. Jose De Jesus has years of experience and is excellent in his technique. He has a strong background in body mechanics and has treated many satisfied patients, boxers, martial arts experts, cyclists, celebrities, athletes, and other doctors because of his expertise. Athletes are advocates for chiropractic treatment not only after an acquired injury, but before an injury for prevention of injuries.
  • What is the “cracking” sound?
    The “cracking” sound is only air pressure that is being released from between the joints when this space is opened. The sound is similar to cracking your knuckles or stretching in the morning. This normal, but this does not determine if a true adjustment has been made. If you continue to try to stretch the area, you may no longer get a sound, but a realignment may still be made by your doctor. The goal is not the “sound” but the improvement of your spinal function upon retesting and response.
  • Does it hurt?
    There are various approaches that the doctor can perform: various techniques or pressure can be used depending on the patient’s tolerance level and need. Functional neurology, craniosacral therapy, and SOT are procedures that the doctor uses that are low force and gentle and are easily tolerated by all patients.
  • Do you treat families and kids?
    Kids respond very well to chiropractic and love getting adjusted! A child learning to walk for example may fall (“ouch”) multiple times during a day setting up a gradual spinal distortion that later may show up as scoliosis. Frequent earaches may also be a neck misalignment affecting the ear function, and asthma may be exacerbated by poor posture (rounded shoulders syndrome). The doctor has had referrals of the whole family and many times he is treating grandparents, parents and their kids with improved health, better school performance, and enhanced sports skills while preventing pain and injuries. The grand majority of our patients are from happy referrals, and are a testimony as to the results we have achieved.
  • What is postural distortion?
    These are the compensating positions that our bodies assume because of old injuries, poor sitting (ex. computer, cellphone texting) or poor walking/running habits, deconditioning, yo-yo diets, and long sitting or driving. These habits can then cause fascial tissues of the body to “wind” and compress our spine and organs, causing gradual debilitating conditions. Medication can relieve pain, but the underlying distortions continue to progress.
  • Do you treat work related injuries or car accidents?
    Yes, in the arena of accidents, the doctor needs to be skilled in assessing an injury as well as communication with all professionals involved in a patient’s case, including their attorney, the company they work for, the insurance company involved as well as litigation and law. The doctor has treated many of these cases and is well versed in all aspects of these types of injuries.
  • Does the doctor treat sciatica?
    Yes, sciatica (pain down the leg) can be caused by a herniated disc exerting chemical (the body’s reactive release of inflammatory cytokines from an injury) or compressive force like stenosis, arthritic spurs, unbalance of the muscles or joints (facets or piriformis syndrome). This is common also in pregnancy, so it is important to assess the actual current cause of the pain by proper and thorough examination.
  • Does the doctor treat neck pain, low back pain or headaches?
    On an average 80-90 % of people experience these debilitating or chronic conditions in their lifetime causing under performance, reduced daily activities, and a poor quality of life. Most of the time we don’t need to continue to suffer. Arthritis is a chronic condition and creates stiffness and pain which can be helped with regular chiropractic care.
  • I’ve heard that once you start going for chiropractic care, you need to keep going.
    In this office, the doctor himself gets adjusted, eats healthy, and exercises regularly. He treats patients for short term care and patients who choose long term care. Regular chiropractic care maintains the flexibility and youth of your most important asset: your spine. Muscle and arteries become hardened from vasomotor spasm following sympathetic irritation. It is up to you to take advantage of this “age defying routine” or to choose interval treatment.
  • I “crack” my own neck and back. Is this bad for me?
    Some of this depends on how this is done. There are some ways of stretching that elicits a sound and feels good. The key thing to avoid is to overstretch the joint or not addressing the cause of why you feel a need to continue this habit. The below illustration may clear up this question and shows why the actual area of problem is not being helped.
  • Do you accept my insurance?
    We are mostly a cash-based practice. Most insurances do not cover wellness services, and if they do, are very limited. When you use your insurance, the deductible must be met in full and there is an additional copay that you must pay out of your pocket at any office. Our prices are very reasonable, and the doctor takes his time with each patient giving them his undivided attention to ensure the best treatment possible. The service is excellent, so you will likely be very pleased with the time and quality of service you receive.
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